Want to fall in love? Play The Love Game

Grab a partner and together answer each of these 36 questions and complete the final 4 minute exercise.

Love Actualized is a app that helps couples to fall in love. Love Actualized was created by Arthur Aron and it is based on his work as a love psychologist.

The app leads couples through a series of 36 increasingly personal questions meant to make any two people fall madly in love. It ends with the couple staring intensely into each others’ eyes for four minutes. Love Actualized has been featured in a New York Times article that went viral.

Soon, intense online conversations and meet ups started popping up around the idea. Love Actualized is available on iOS and Android devices. Love Actualized has helped many couples to fall in love and it continues to help people all over the world to find true love.

Love Actualized is an app that includes a series of questions designed to make you fall in love. The app includes a total of 36 questions and a 4-minute exercise which you need to do with your partner.

You can access Love Actualized via mobile or PC browser whenever you want to play it. There is no registration or linking of any social account required – just open the app and start playing.

So, if you’re looking for a fun way to connect with your partner and potentially deepen your love for one another, give Love Actualized a try!

We all know the feeling of being in love. The butterflies in your stomach, the constant urge to be around that special someone, and the way your whole world seems to revolve around them. Love is one of the most amazing emotions we can experience, and it’s something that everyone deserves to feel.

But sometimes, it’s not so easy to find love. We might go through long periods of loneliness, or we might just never seem to meet that special someone. That’s where Love Actualized comes in. Love Actualized is a new app that promises to help you find true love.

So how does it work? Love Actualized uses cutting-edge technology to match you with potential partners. It takes into account your likes and interests, and it uses a special algorithm to find people who are compatible with you.

But Love Actualized is more than just a dating app. It’s also a community of like-minded people who are all looking for love. You can use the app to chat with other users, and you can even attend special Love Actualized events. These events are designed to help you meet potential partners in a fun and relaxed environment.

So if you’re tired of being single, or if you’re just looking for some love in your life, why not give Love Actualized a try? It could just be the answer to your prayers.


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